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This salad sucks.

Saturday, the 18th of July, the year 2020

I can't even write.

I can't even write.

I can usually journal, at least, about my feelings, but.... I don't even have the end to that sentence.

I screamed into a pillow earlier. That helped a bit.

I'm now chomping down on ginormous bites of a stupid salad that's way too big for the bowl in which it came – one of my ALL TIME pet peeves.

"WHY CAN'T SALADS COME IN APPROPRIATELY SIZED BOWLS," I screamed into the void (that is my husband's face) and he AGREED.

"This salad would be pretty great if I had a proper sized bowl to mix it in," he said.

And then it hit me: Our country...America... is like my tiny bowl of big salad. If we could just get a bigger bowl, the salad could be great. All we need is a bigger bowl. A bigger bowl in which to mix up this stupid salad of a country.

What does that mean, you ask?

I have no fucking idea.

I have no idea what that means, but goddamn do we need a bigger motherfucking bowl.





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